Video Games Evolution: The Past, Present, and Future of Video Gaming

The Past, Present, and Future of Video Gaming
Video Games Evolution

Video Games Evolution: Even using a cell phone for a day or two is very rare nowadays. The latest mobile technology has brought us so much fun and information that it has transformed it from a former communication device into a fully functional entertainment center. You can enjoy music, surf the web, chat and play a variety of games anytime and anywhere.

The most popular mobile games today include Candy Crush and Clash of Clans. Most of the mobile users who love games have played one or both of these two games. Many hardcore gamers have noticed that while they are interesting for console users, mobile games take their playing time away from the console.

The European Space Agency (ESA) annual research report indicates that on average 35% of gamers play on a smartphone rather than a console. 

With the development of mobile and mobile devices, we’ve made a lot of changes to the way we play games. We no longer have to sit in front of the TV or computer screen. You don’t have to buy a device and just take it with you for gaming (as you might think, we’re talking about GBA and PSP.)

This does not mean that gamers are completely inclined towards smartphones and have stopped buying gaming hardware. For example, according to the European Space Agency (ESA) report, 35% of households with game consoles play smartphone games, while 56% of them play console games.

So what is the future of gaming and mobile gaming? Do you two hold hands? Or will one replace the other? Before we talk about the future, it’s important to look at their journey so far.

Past and Present of Video Games

Launched in 1972, Magnavox Odyssey was the first commercial gaming console. Soon after its appearance, several consoles were introduced in the following years. These include the NES in 1985, the Sony PlayStation 1 in 1995, the XBOX 360 in 2005, and the Nintendo Wii U in 2012 – just to name a few.

As far as the history of mobile or mobile games goes, Auto Race, published in 1976, can be said to be the number one mobile electronic game. With the release of Auto Race, players around the world were introduced to a new type of game. Soon after its launch, other companies embraced the idea, and players in the industry started rolling out their own portable consoles. This includes consoles from major companies such as Nintendo, Sega, and Atari as well as many smaller companies.

The mobile gaming industry only started growing 20 years ago, when Nokia first introduced Snake as a pre-installed game on one of its first phones in 1997.

At the same time, network technology has been improved and WAP has been introduced which allows a multiplayer mode for mobile games. WAP is not a very complicated tool, but it is a big step because it allows the introduction of J2ME and BREW technology.

Nokia launched the N-Gauge in 2004 to support basic functions as well as better access to games. This is the era when the mobile gaming industry is starting to gain momentum. However, the success rate was not high at that time. Since then, handheld gaming has taken a huge leap with the release of Nintendo’s DS and the introduction of Sony’s most advanced handheld gaming device: the PSP at the time. PSP is one of the essential devices capable of internet browsing and high quality graphics.

Then, when Apple released its first smartphone (iPhone) in 2007, the mobile gaming industry experienced a truly drastic change. iPhone 2G has features that make it great for gaming, such as a desktop computer interface, easy interaction, and most importantly – iOS.

In 2008, Apple launched the App Store, which started with 500 apps. Android OS follows, followed by Android Market, which was renamed Google Play after the acquisition of Google Android.

Initially, after its release in the App Store and Android Market, many games were huge successes, but with the explosive release of Angry Birds, it was a huge success. It controls all other games in terms of user and game quality. Many other games are very popular including Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run and Crime Case.

With the release of these games, the mobile gaming industry has changed dramatically. The mobile gaming concept includes features that allow real-time interaction as well as engagement, so that all demographics can be targeted to play these games.

As of 2014, the European Space Agency reported that from 2010 to 2014, the number of female adult gamers increased by more than 7%, and regardless of the console used, mobile games would be adopted by women. With games like Candy Crush Saga, it’s easy for players to reach new target audiences.

Future of Video Games

Modern mobile game consoles from Sony and Nintendo have failed to attract as many buyers as expected, with both companies blaming gaming on smartphone use. However, Sony decided to compete head-to-head with the release of a new version of the PSP, the PS Vita Slim. Sony hopes to revolutionize the launch of this new generation of console.

Today, the major console video game companies are struggling to stay in the market and struggling to survive, while mobile game developers are developing increasingly successful titles. The mobile gaming industry is developing rapidly. The latest data from the App Store shows that 430 different games are downloaded every day. In light of these stats, Konami Corporation’s recent decision to switch from early AAA platform games to smartphone games seems entirely reasonable.

Konami’s CEO says the future of gaming lies between mobile phones and smartphones. It also revealed the existence of multiplayer games that easily connect players with each other and with the game world. There is no point in classifying the market, because mobile phones will play a role in connecting people.

To further enhance the success of mobile gaming, new products such as wearable devices continue to flood the market. This makes mobile games more fun. For example, you see fitness trackers and apps like Temple Run as the most popular because of their massive entertainment features.

Will this handheld device and smartphone replace the game console? Will these consoles become obsolete in the near future? Not so, according to Newsweek CEO Peter Warman, who believes that computer or console games will not be replaced by mobile games due to consumer preferences. According to a survey, enthusiastic gamers are never afraid to leave their consoles.

According to Newsu Research, console games will command a fair market share of about 46% of revenue this year, while mobile games will account for about 30% of the market.

To keep PC and console games attractive to gamers, companies have started launching in-game smartphone apps to expand the choice. An example is FIFA 15, where players can choose to create a team using their smartphone app, and then integrate that team into their game console to start the match. Similarly, GTA allows players to add functionality to their cars through their mobile app and then allow players to use those cars via console or computer games. Assassin’s Creed also offers an app that unlocks special missions in the game if the player can solve puzzles in the mobile app.

Latest thought about Video Games

Where is the future of gaming? All things considered, the games don’t seem to depend on the type of console used to play them. Since the introduction of video games, people have been playing them regardless of the type of console. The gaming industry has gotten to this point with a few different platforms, and now it’s clear that games (in any form) are here to stay. For platforms, console companies are taking steps to meet the requirements of modernity. The game will continue to evolve and improve and bring more fun. Although mobile devices are expected to make more profits from games than console devices. To survive, game publishers will also try to access smartphones, such as Konami. Regardless of the medium used, at the end of the day, the number of players around the world will increase.

The future of gaming is independent of the platforms used to play it. The future of gaming lies in new trends, integration, and innovations. These platforms make it more attractive. Interactive devices and other tools that can only communicate with each other will allow smartphone and console games to be combined into a single unit.

Games are here to stay, players expect change, and only innovative companies can successfully maintain market share. Expect a new game to appear every day to rule everyone else. A recent example is Minecraft. It is platform independent as it works on all platforms. It does not have extreme graphics and does not require a lot of hardware. However, it is played and loved by players all over the world. The coming era is supposed to be an era of convergence and innovation.

Perhaps in the coming days, there will be some big and drastic changes in the gaming industry, as we have seen in the past three years. These changes will not happen because people will suddenly feel that they only have to play games on one platform. This change will happen only because of the ease of use and the great product. In other words, the gaming industry expects a paradigm shift in innovation.

The success of the big mobile games like Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Titans does not mean that these games are suitable alternatives to the hardcore games like Assassin’s Creed series, Max Payne series and GTA series. In their strict definition, mobile games will never provide the level of control and convenience that consoles like these provide. Currently, there are many categories that can be played successfully on mobile phones and most of them are RPGs and puzzle games that only require touch functionality. While action games require 3D rendering and 360° fast view, mobile games do not provide players with an interactive experience. Concerned gamers never like mobile games. They are always on the lookout for a high-end, high-end console to satisfy themselves.

The mobile gaming industry continues to thrive with groundbreaking innovations and exclusive offers. It is unlikely that mobile games will quickly become a complete replacement for consoles. We can expect a high level of integration between mobile games and consoles. Mobile game developers should explore new avenues for the industry. Likewise, console companies need to develop new features to capture any lost market share. Therefore, we can expect that people will continue to use mobile games as an easy alternative, and hardcore gamers will not abandon their traditional consoles for the time being.


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