9 Ways to Increase Productivity with the Help of Technology

9 Ways to Increase Productivity with the Help of Technology

9 Ways to Increase Productivity with the Help of Technology: High productivity in business is important because it results in higher revenue generation and better customer service.  When your people are productive, they will put all their efforts into helping your business grow.

Technology can help you improve productivity in your business in many ways.  For example, you can automate various repetitive processes, use programming software, and install a chatbot to answer customer inquiries.  All of this gives you time to spend on more important things, like brainstorming marketing strategies.

This article will show you 9 ways technology can increase productivity in your business.

1. Use video conferencing software

Video conferences have gained popularity since the start of the pandemic.  And it has brought with it many benefits for companies.  People from different parts of the world can now meet through video calls and close big business deals.

As a business, you can now save a lot of expenses.  In the past, it was necessary to pay people to fly and pay for their hotel rooms and conference rooms.  Video conferencing software relieves you of these expenses.  Today, you can conduct online meetings and make critical decisions without being in the same room.

Video conferencing software also saves you the time it would have taken to travel to the meeting.  Once you’ve prepared the details, you can move on to the call in a quiet room.  Once you are done, you can go back to doing your other tasks.

2. Use proxies for research

Market research is an inescapable part of any successful business strategy.  It helps you to know the pain points and wishes of your target audience.  You also discover the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Most companies do their research manually, and this can be time consuming.  But with proxies, you can collect massive amounts of data by scraping millions of websites simultaneously.  You can then analyze this data to identify patterns and reach relevant conclusions that can affect your business decisions.

3. Use a scheduling system

A scheduling system helps you plan your days, so you have enough time to interact with employees.  You won’t have to worry about overlapping appointments, events, and meetings you have.  When everyone in the company can see your calendar, they can arrange theirs to coincide with their free time if they want to get together.

Scheduling systems also boost teamwork by allowing you to assign tasks to teams with a set of instructions.  Apps like Asana let you schedule tasks for people in your organization to complete.

4. Use Virtual Private Networks

VPNs allow employees to work outside of the office securely.  This technology increases employee productivity by leveraging Internet resources so that employees can collaborate from different locations, such as from home.  The result is a faster and more secure network environment where users can share data and communicate securely.

VPNs also allow employees to access sites that may be useful to your business but are region-specific.  For example, if one of your employees works from Asia and one of the sites they want to access is only available if they are in the US and Europe, a VPN will do the trick.

5. Outsource the work

In a startup, almost everyone will be doing extra work they weren’t hired to do because they’re trying to cut the cost of bringing in new employees.  But what if that’s holding back your productivity?

By outsourcing work that your employees are not qualified for, you will improve their performance.  They can focus on essential tasks that grow their business while outsourcing repetitive tasks.  If you don’t understand IT, you can hire an expert to save time you would otherwise waste trying to figure out how things work.

6. Use chatbots and FAQ pages

Chatbots and FAQ pages can improve your customer service by quickly providing the information your customers need.  Instead of calling your company, they just visit your site and check out the FAQ pages.

Chatbots can also help your business outside of office hours.  They can provide answers to queries that your customers or prospects urgently want to know about.

7. Clear your mind with mindfulness apps

If you’re struggling with productivity, you probably have too much on your mind and keep jumping from one thought to another.  You’d be surprised how much something as simple as meditation can help.

Mindfulness apps have a ton of helpful guided meditations and other mindfulness techniques that will help you in a way no other digital tool can.

8. Make Space for Effective Collaboration

Nothing compares to a successful internal brainstorming session. However, technology makes it possible to provide more creative spaces for staff members to gather and exchange ideas, produce something new, or work together to solve a problem.

9. Increase Self-Service

You must have faith in your employees’ intelligence and ability to complete numerous tasks independently. For instance, your employees can access what is required from their workstation and print the paperwork themselves rather than travelling the long road to the HR department.

With technology, you can create self-service platforms so that your employees can complete specific activities without seeking help from other office staff.

All employees’ daily productivity at work is increased as a result.


Business productivity has many benefits, including employee satisfaction, better customer service, increased employee engagement, and better revenue generation. Technology can help you achieve all of these benefits in many ways, so don’t miss out on any of the helpful programs listed above!

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