A Violent Man 2022 Movie Review, Official Trailer, and Cast

A Violent Man 2022 Movie Official Trailer

A Violent Man 2022 Movie Cast

  • Director: Ross McCall
  • Cast:
    • Craig Fairbrass
    • Jason fleming
    • Esteban Odubola
    • Ross McCall
    • Zoë Tapper
    • Ulrich Thomsen
    • Rosie Sheehy

A Violent Man 2022 Movie Review

A violent prisoner with a dangerous reputation takes his new cellmate under his wing as he tries to confront his own demons and the daughter he never knew.

To be sure, the prospect of a prison movie starring Craig Fairbrass evokes a particular kind of movie in your mind: one in which the man-mountain Fairbrass swears a lot, punches people, and speaks in police-movie clichés while calling police. all ‘scum’.  as several familiar faces from Essex Boys-type movies pop in for proper striping and to some extent I wouldn’t be too far off with that rundown.  However, A Violent Man, the directorial debut of actor Ross McCall (Green Street), is much more than that; this is Craig Fairbrass embracing his usual “East End tough guy” screen persona and reflecting on why the people the actor normally portrays are the way they are and how they deal with his life in prison.

In this case, Fairbrass plays Steve Mackelson, a violent criminal serving a life sentence for the murder of his ex-wife and his mistress.  Having accepted that he will never get out of prison, Steve knows how to survive on the inside and has built a reputation for himself that suggests he is a man not to be messed with, but one day a new cellmate arrives in the form of Marcus (Stephen). Odubola), a young black gang member who has been labeled a weed by other gang members and is therefore subject to regular visits from people who do not want to be polite to him.  He also has a line of business selling drugs to other prisoners that the established prison dealer isn’t too happy with, so Steve takes Marcus under his wing and tries to teach him how to deal with the other hustlers.

At the same time, Steve has had contact with his estranged daughter whom he has never seen and has to dig deep within himself to find the courage to confront her after he has murdered her mother as he wants to meet her father to see where he came from.  from.

Less of a plot-driven drama and more of a character piece, A Violent Man is an impressive showcase for Craig Fairbrass, an actor of limited range but whose presence always fills any film he stars in.  The whole movie takes place in a couple of rooms and being a prison the cells are pretty small so the 6′ 3″ actor takes up a lot of space but even in the few scenes where he’s not he feels his presence, mostly thanks to Marcus’s vulnerability and his nervous portrayal of Stephen Odubola.In a scene where Marcus is being bullied by another gang member in his cell, you know he’s praying that Steve will come in and fix him, a sentiment that the viewer shares. He doesn’t, and Marcus has to work out his own problems, but the way he handles them shows he’s been learning and it’s hard not to hear Steve’s authoritative voice in your head, even though Fairbrass hasn’t been on the screen throughout the scene.

While there are plenty of nasty scenes where Fairbrass can swing her fists and do what she did throughout the Rise of the Footsoldier franchise, where she really shines is in the scenes where she talks to prison social worker Claire Keats (Zoë Tapper). ) to arrange a visit from his daughter.  This is where you get to see Steve Mackelson play the tough guy, see that he has no effect on Claire, and then start expressing her fears about meeting his daughter Rebecca (Rosie Sheehy).  When he finally meets her, the tension and emotion of the two actors facing each other through a glass screen is as real and raw as if it were a real family reunion.

With supporting appearances from Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels), writer/director Ross McCall, and Ulrich Thomsen (The Thing) as the prison warden, A Violent Man is an honest and absorbing portrayal of the kind of character that We have seen.  Craig Fairbrass has played before, but not in this introspective way, not with this intensity and certainly not with this much depth.  At 105 minutes, it’s a bit too long for a movie that essentially doesn’t have much of a plot, and once Steve and Rebecca have their reunion, there’s nowhere else to go, but if you’re a fan of the kind of brutal movies from cockney gangsters that Craig Fairbrass, Ross McCall and Jason Flemyng often star in, then A Violent Man makes a thought-provoking and imposing companion piece.

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