Top 10 Ecommerce Logistics Companies in India

Top 10 Ecommerce Logistics Companies in India

Top 10 Ecommerce Logistics Companies in India: Without a logistics partner, no online store could be considered complete. E-commerce businesses in the nation rely on first-mile (merchant to e-commerce warehouse) and last-mile (e-commerce warehouse to customer) logistics to make sure goods are properly packaged and delivered.

Once an order is placed online, the buyer’s work is complete. The company’s responsibility is to cooperate with logistical service providers and deliver the merchandise. It is staggering how many steps must be completed between placing an order and receiving it successfully.

Indian logistics businesses put in a lot of effort every day of the year, around-the-clock, to make sure your clients receive their purchases on schedule.

Did you know that in 2020, the logistics market was expected to be worth $215 billion? In the upcoming five years, it is anticipated to expand at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 6%.

Before even seeing the item they bought, a customer’s first impression of an e-commerce website is how efficient, swift, and painless the shipping procedure was.

Customers, regrettably, don’t even give businesses a second opportunity if an order was delayed or delivered incorrectly! You will have to handle consumer queries and complaints several times every day if a customer is unable to track an order. When a product’s shipping is expensive, people go elsewhere for other brands.

Spend a lot of time finding the logistics supplier who will give your customers with the best customer service if you are in the business of selling things to your clients.

We are here to simplify your life. The top logistics firms in India are listed below in no particular order. These businesses have distinguished themselves in the sector thanks to first-rate customer service, prompt deliveries, and cutting-edge technology.

What distinguishes a top logistics firm?

Here are some characteristics that set a logistics company apart in a very competitive market before you look at the businesses that made our list.

Technology: Technology is essential for a successful logistics business. Tracking information must be updated online as soon as orders are picked up from the retailer or e-commerce seller. The product must be updated and tracked at every stage. Order management is a major component of logistics operations, and these corporations are serious about it. Live tracking assists in avoiding package tampering as well.

Human resource – Put simply, things are delivered more quickly when a logistics supplier has a large delivery staff on the ground.

Modes of transportation – Businesses that transport and deliver goods via air, train, road, and water do better and handle deliveries more easily. Deliveries with these brands won’t be delayed by natural or man-made disasters that interfere with a particular means of transportation.

Flexibility in delivery – Is the logistics service provider capable of handling hazardous or fragile goods? Can the business ship large items? Can the business deliver goods the same day? In logistics businesses, flexibility is a key component.

Top 10 Ecommerce Logistics Companies in India

1. India Post

How about an Indian logistics firm with 166 years of expertise if experience is a quality you are looking for? The majority of the world’s postal destinations are served by India Post, the nation’s government-run postal service. The postal service was started in 1854 and is still in operation today.

Many of these firms have a partnership with India Post for e-commerce delivery due to the quick growth of e-commerce in India. India Post generated close to $15 billion in revenue from e-commerce deliveries between the years 2015 and 2016. The India Post Business Parcel delivery system has the following characteristics for e-commerce businesses.

  • Consignment tracking online
  • Reverse pickup locations for exchanges and returns
  • Cash on Delivery acceptance
  • Discounts for delivery of a large volume

2. FedEx

FedEx is a 1971-founded American delivery service provider that is best recognised for its air-based delivery service. FedEx offers worldwide delivery to 220 countries as well as all of India. Every day, this international company sends out 3.6 million goods.

  • For some cities, FedEx Priority Overnight shipment
  • Cash on Delivery is offered.
  • Possibility of shipping batteries, supplementary items, and commodities that need special treatment and packaging
  • Expert at transporting big objects
  • Reverse pick of the entire planet
  • Available as “Hold at Location” (item will be kept at the FedEx warehouse and can be picked up by recipients).

3. DHL

Another international delivery partner is DHL, which is unquestionably among India’s top logistics firms. DHL, a 52-year-old company established in California, provides special rates for e-commerce companies who need to transport numerous packages each day.

There are four options for freight delivery: rail freight, road freight, and air freight. The company also provides warehousing solutions for e-commerce enterprises without warehouses. This company links 220 nations, and delivery is simple and speedy. Some of the features that DHL provides are listed below.

  • On delivery of cash
  • Back-up Pickups
  • Processes involving customs, insurance, and security for overseas shipments
  • Business shipping dashboard


One of the first delivery companies in India, DTDC (Desk To Desk Courier and Cargo), has established itself throughout the entire nation. The company, which was founded in 1990 and is based in Bangalore, oversees 12 million shipments each month and distributes to more than 10,500 post codes. The company not only offers nationwide delivery but also 240 overseas places. The following functionalities are available to e-commerce clients of DTDC.

  • Modern tools and infrastructure to serve both small and large clients
  • E-notification options
  • Corporate tracking services for clients placing large orders
  • Option for Cash on Delivery
  • Pickup in reverse

5. Delhivery

Owned by India, this company was founded in Delhi in 2011. The company only had 5 customers when it first began operating in 2 cities. In India, it has developed into a full-fledged logistics organisation that serves more than 2300 cities. The company offers a wide range of first-rate logistical services, including the following:

  • Day-after delivery
  • Demand-driven delivery
  • Delivery of oversized orders
  • On delivery of cash
  • Backward pick up
  • Convey hazardous products
  • This company provides customers and businesses with real-time order tracking.

6. Shadowfax

One of India’s top logistics companies, Shadowfax, delivers to more than 7000 pin codes and 500+ cities. This company, which won the 2019 Disruptive Startup Logistics of the Year award, provides affordable prices for both small and large e-commerce businesses. For e-commerce brands, Shadowfax provides integrated third-party logistics services. The company provides delivery services to big-box retailers, neighbourhood shops, and small companies. For MSMEs, Shadowfax also rents out trucks.

7. Blue Dart Express

One of India’s top logistics firms, Blue Dart Express has its headquarters in Mumbai. The company was founded in 1983 and has one of the biggest national logistics networks. The company is listed as one of India’s largest firms in the Fortune 500. For e-commerce businesses across the nation, Blue Dart provides business integration solutions.

The brand’s ShopTrack function improves e-commerce solutions and can be adjusted based on the needs of the company.

All B2C, B2B, and C2C requirements are perfectly met by the PackTrack integration capability. Blue Dart provides:

  • Live package tracking
  • Business dashboards that are integrated
  • Options for Cash on Delivery
  • Returns to pick up
  • Sending tracking updates via SMS and email

8. Aramex

Based in Dubai, Aramex is a global provider of delivery and courier services. The first Arab company to list on the NASDAQ exchange is this one. Since its founding in 1982, the company has risen by leaps and bounds to become one of India’s most trusted providers of prompt and accurate delivery. The following services are provided to businesses by Aramex.

  • Storage for MSMEs and smaller businesses
  • Services for managing facilities for companies with their own warehouses
  • Drop-and-ship locations
  • Order tracking online
  • Adaptable pricing for higher quantities

9. The Professional Couriers (TPC)

Since its founding in 1987, The Professional Couriers has been Indians’ go-to courier service of choice for approximately 35 years. The company can easily handle big shipments because to its 70,000+ distribution sites spread throughout India. The brand’s strong points are its surface and air cargo facilities. These are TPC’s features.

  • Comprehensive logistics services (warehousing, packaging, dispatching of goods)
  • 24-hour priority delivery
  • Option for Cash on Delivery
  • international shipping
  • Sensitive/confidential document delivery by special messenger
  • Delivering services during holidays

10. ShipRocket

The fact that ShipRocket integrates 17+ courier providers onto its platform sets it apart from other logistics companies. This organisation offers automatic tracking features in addition to delivering to more than 27000 pin codes around the nation. From the web, you may select from courier companies like FedEx, BlueDart, Ecom Express, DHL, and Delhivery. Based in New Delhi, ShipRocket provides the following services.

  • On delivery of cash
  • Backward pickup
  • Rapid delivery
  • Managing returns is simple.
  • Invest in a facility (when certain logistics partners)


If you want to win over clients, you should really consider your last-mile logistics as an e-commerce business. Next-day delivery (Prime delivery), which Amazon introduced to the Indian market, has grown immensely in popularity. The next-day delivery is also free for Prime members, which is a big draw for customers.

The practise of customers using this as a standard has become widespread. Customers may start shopping for alternative brands that provide rapid delivery options if your delivery dates are far off. People are deterred from purchasing when you mention incredibly expensive shipping costs.

Did you know that up to 63% of online shoppers remove items from their shopping carts due to excessive shipping and tax rates?

Working with the proper Indian logistics providers is the only way to reduce shipping costs for consumers and speed up delivery. Look over this list and choose a logistics company that will meet your needs. All of these brands are amenable to discussion when it comes to business transactions. Set up meetings, outline your requirements, and seek for the best costs that are advantageous to both you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Indian courier service is the finest for e-commerce?

Some of the best delivery services for e-commerce in India include Blue Dart, Delhivery, DHL, DTDC, Ecom Express, and FedEx.

Which Indian shipping firm is the quickest?

The quickest shipping provider in India is DHL Express.

Which courier service is the largest in India?

As of 2021, Blue Dart Express had a market valuation of over 156 billion Indian rupees, making it the largest courier service provider in the country.

How can I work with a courier for online shopping?

There are many factors that must be taken into account. Before you sign a contract with a courier service, research the prices for shipments, comprehend the workings of the system and any additional fees that may apply, determine how you might benefit, and consult with other online retailers to learn more. Reach out to the service provider after choosing a courier service for your online purchases, and you’re good to go.

Which company in India offers the best courier services?

The finest options when it comes to dependability, consistency, and quality are FedEx and Blue Dart. However, they are incredibly pricey. Delhivery, GoJavas, Shiprocket, and DTDC are your best options if you run a small or fledgling e-commerce firm and pricing is a concern.

What are the logistics system’s three primary functions?

Order processing, inventory management, and freight transportation are the three core functions of the logistics system.

What qualifications are required for logistics?

To work in logistics, one needs to possess traits like being customer-focused, problem-solving-oriented, thorough, adept at managing conflict, etc.

What types of inquiries must a business owner make before partnering with a logistics provider?

Before entering into a commercial relationship with a logistics provider, the business owner must first ask questions like, “What products do you support?” “What are your pricings?” “Where are your warehouses located,” and others.

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