Kali Shohe: a Nagaland graduate now working for Agawadi uses education to enhance the healthcare system in her community

By Kunal Thakur

Kali Shohe, a graduate from Nagaland's Dimapur Town, lives by the motto "Good health is everyone's right," and she incorporates it into her line of work. Ms. Shohe has devoted her life to serving her community as an Anganwadi worker for more than ten years.

She spends the first several hours of her day teaching kids about many aspects of good health and hygiene, emphasising the value of cleanliness, handwashing, and other fundamental healthy behaviours.

When it comes to educating women about pregnancy, the type of care they should get, and the type of food they should eat, she leaves no one out.

When it came to getting pregnant women and new moms the proper diet and access to medical facilities, Ms. Shohe observed the communities straining to make ends meet. She decided to change the routine and teach them how to use the facilities while also educating them on the value of leading a healthier lifestyle, breastfeeding, choosing institutional birth, and other topics.

She also gives women advice on what to eat and stay away from during various trimesters. She lists it among the most crucial jobs.

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