What was Guru Ravidas’s teachings?

Guru Ravidas Jayanti

Guru Ravidas was a 15th-century Indian saint and mystic poet who was known for his teachings on equality, compassion, and love. He was a prominent figure in the Bhakti movement, which emphasized devotion and love for God as the path to liberation and inner peace.

Some of the key teachings of Guru Ravidas include:

Equality: Guru Ravidas taught that all individuals are equal in the eyes of God, regardless of their caste, gender, or social status. He spoke out against the caste system and encouraged people to embrace love and compassion for all.

Devotion to God: Guru Ravidas encouraged his followers to cultivate a deep and personal relationship with God through devotion, prayer, and meditation. He believed that this was the path to liberation and inner peace.

Compassion and Love: Guru Ravidas emphasized the importance of compassion and love for all beings, including animals and the environment. He taught that this was the way to cultivate a true connection with God and achieve inner peace.

Service to others: Guru Ravidas encouraged his followers to serve others and to be of service to the community. He believed that this was a way to express love and compassion for others, and to cultivate a connection with God.

Inner Wisdom: Guru Ravidas taught that the path to inner peace and liberation is found within, through the cultivation of wisdom and self-awareness. He encouraged his followers to seek inner knowledge and to trust their own intuition and inner guidance.

These teachings of Guru Ravidas continue to be an important influence in the Bhakti tradition, and are widely recognized for their emphasis on love, compassion, and equality. His teachings continue to inspire people to cultivate a deeper connection with God, to serve others, and to seek inner wisdom and peace.


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What was Guru Ravidas’s teachings?

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