Why did India decline so rapidly after the end of British Rule?

India did not decline rapidly after the end of British rule. In fact, India has made significant progress in many areas since gaining independence in 1947.

There were, of course, challenges and difficulties that India faced after independence, as is the case with any country. However, it is important to recognize that India has made significant progress in many areas, including economic development, social and political reform, and international relations.

One of the major challenges that India faced after independence was the task of building a new nation and establishing a functional and democratic system of government. This was a difficult and complex process, and it took time for India to stabilize and establish itself as a sovereign nation.

Another challenge was the need to address issues of poverty, illiteracy, and inequality, which have long been prevalent in India. While progress has been made in these areas, they continue to be significant challenges that India is working to address.

Overall, it is important to recognize that India has made significant progress since gaining independence, and that it continues to face challenges and opportunities as it moves forward.


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