Samsung Galaxy F13: Samsung’s latest 50-megapixel camera phone is available at a discount of 1 thousand rupees

Highlights Samsung Galaxy F13 can be brought home from Flipkart at a low price. A discount of Rs 1,000 will be available on purchases made with HDFC or ICICI bank cards. As a camera, a 50-megapixel triple rear camera is available in the Samsung Galaxy F13. More than one offer is given to the customers … Read more

Jio Phone 5G: Jio’s cheap 5G phone may come in the market soon, the price will be less than 10 thousand

Reliance Jio may launch a new smartphone soon. This phone can be Jio Phone 5G. The telecom company launched the first smartphone in 2021. Now it is expected that the company will launch a new 5G smartphone. This is also more likely because 5G network is going to be launched in India soon. Both Jio … Read more

Sundance 2022: Emily The Criminal Complete Movie Review

Emily The Criminal 2022 Complete Movie Review: “You are a very bad influence.”  Who says this line, why and when is a testament to the power of “Emily the Criminal,” written and directed by John Patton Ford and starring Aubrey Plaza.  The film plays like a bat out of hell, all adrenaline, similar to the … Read more

Cervical Pain: This pain hurts the people of the desk job, these are the preventive measures

Cause of Cervical Pain Cervical Pain, a pain that starts from the neck and mainly it is neck pain. But when its condition becomes serious, it occurs in the whole hand through the shoulder (Shoulder pain). It can also reach to the fingers and can take possession of the area from the shoulder down to … Read more

Dream Job: At least 65 lakhs, work from wherever you want, a job like this too

Dream Job Offer from a CEO: Minimum Wage Rs 65 lakh, Work from Wherever You Want: In my company, employees get at least 80 thousand dollars (about Rs 65 lakh) salary. Also, the freedom to work from wherever you want. On becoming a parent, leave with salary and many other benefits like this too. This … Read more

Astrology: Red chilies will give success in career, just do these easy steps

Highlights With the effective remedy of red chili, you will get the desired job quickly Put red chili on the threshold before going for the interview Along with red chili, the remedies for its grains are also very effective. Red Chili in Astrology: It is the desire of every person that if he goes to … Read more

Intestine Cancer: Abdominal pain and diarrhea can be symptoms of cancer of the small intestine

Intestine Cancer: Gut health is an indication of a person’s physical health. A healthy gut maintains most of the functions of the body. From this it can be understood that how serious can be colon cancer. Cancer of the small intestine begins with a 20 feet long tube-like structure known as the small intestine. The … Read more

Black Raisins Health Benefits: Soaked overnight and eat stale mouth in the morning

Health Benefits of Black Raisins: Eating dry fruits has many health benefits. It contains all the nutrients which are necessary for the better functioning of the body. It is believed that soaking some dry fruits is more beneficial than eating them. Black raisins are one such dry fruit, which when eaten soaked has many benefits, … Read more

Muscles and Health: Why muscles are important and how it can affect health in growing age, know here

Muscles are the largest part of your total lean body mass (or LBM), which is everything your body needs to build, apart from fat. What’s more, your muscles usually make up 50% to 60% of your body weight. Apart from helping you move around and maintain balance; muscles have a much bigger role to play. … Read more